Who is GoGolf and Greenfees?

Greenfees is a global Free Agent for branded golf products (Branded under Greenfees domains). GoGolf (GoGolf.ONLINE) is the splash page chosen for its fewest characters that describes what a golfer wants to do. The golfer simply wants to "Go" play "Golf". The GoGolf splash page allows the golfer to choose what he is looking for, with an easy user interface. Tee time bookings are branded on (Greenfees.ONLINE). We started our early development in 2001. I put together a small team to write tee time reservations. At that time, we used open source software. Early on, I found that data bases were not of quality. I choose not to publish our software. I reviewed my competitor's software. Their software was not much better. We spent years writing software looking for quality. My competitors software was based mostly on the tourist and hotel industry. Since that time, we decided not to reinvent the wheel. We watched many companies go under since 2001. We are still here because we waited patiently to adjusted to technology changes. The mobile phone is a good example. Technology today has also progressed to user friendly templates. The word "Templates" now is a household word. Branding is no different. Branding is now a part of that change to converge technologies. In today's world I have been compared by those competitors. I did not loose a great deal of money. One competitor told me that I won out. Today I take advantage of templates and branding. I let the deep pockets take care of designing the tools. I simply implement the tools within the Greenfees brands. Most of Greenfees competition uses home grown Dedicated Reservation Software. This is extremely expensive to develop and maintain. In most cases it lacks quality.

Our Competition has Dedicated Management and Reservation Software:

In 2020 I identified about thirty-five golf software companies that have Dedicated Management and Reservations software. Only a handful have the market. Our web site simply links the playing golfer to the golf course. This provides communication directly with unique dedicated golf course software. It's that simple. All the course has to do is advertise on Greenfees.ONLINE for their Dedicated Reservation Software. Companies that provide products and services advertise on Greenfees.COM

The Move to Commercial Off The Shelf: (COTS)

In 2020 I also identified about twenty COTS software companies. COTS addresses the process flow of doing business regardess of disciplines. COTS can be used to meet the needs of golf courses for tee time reservations and management. This software was not designed directly to golf course process. COTS is designed around the proces flow of doing business regardless of disciplines. We are communicating with several companies. Golf courses are actively looking close at COTS. The time has come for courses to control their destiny.

What golf courses do you offer?

We offer golf courses that have agreed to share their embedded links with us. We link to either Dedicated Reservation Software or COTS software.

What golf products and services do you offer?

We offer golf products and services from our affiliates. We also link companies that prefer to advertise directly with Greenfees.

What does Greenfees need from the course or golf product or services companies?

We need graphic images. We also need a link to the course or product. It's that simple.

What are the Greenfees Brands?


Golfer creates world wide golf trails. The golfer creates their own golf trail anywhere in the world. Greenfees uses COTS for golfer trail creation. Open to partnerships anywhere in the world.


Supports the written word on golf from anywhere in the world. This domain rovides links to golf media. Open to partnerships.


Reserved for golf course management. Prefer Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) software. Open to partnerships.


Advertisements for golf course tee time reservations. Prefer working with COTS software. Open to partnerships.


Ties Greenfees all brands together for detailed information on how to use the Greenfees Brands. The advantages of COTS software is delineated here.


Apparel, Equipment, Hands On: Main domain for commercial affiliate golf products. Squareup, Shopstyle, Amazon, ebay, Shareasale, CJ, and Rakuten are used extensively for golf products. This domain provides advertisement for commercial retail golf products and services. We are open to Business to Business relationships in terms of advertisements, fulfillment and affiliates.

Podcasts and ZOOM

Stay tuned for Podcast announcements. We enjoy meeting on ZOOM!